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A closeup of the Alessandra James founder.
Like many women, I have collected fine jewelry pieces over the years and felt obliged to either wear them constantly or lock them away because of their value. As the years begin to pass by, I feel the need to shake up my style and add a few new pieces of everyday jewelry that I could purchase for myself - and not feel guilty for indulging a little!

After looking every now and then for new jewelry, I began to notice how limited the offerings were for this "in-between" market. There seems to be a vast divide between expensive fine jewelry and fast fashion jewelry priced (and designed) with a teenager in mind. Beyond that, because so many of us are juggling home and career obligations, purpose-driven shopping trips to search for a few new jewelry pieces are laughably off the priority list!

Having embraced the efficiency of online shopping, I decided to launch Alessandra James to cater to women who are searching for jewelry somewhere in the middle. Women who are looking for contemporary, sustainable, and reasonably priced pieces, but have limited time and energy to jump from shop to shop to find their jewelry.  

If you are one of these women, I hope you find something in one of our collections that speaks to you.

- Tricia Alder, Founder